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Post  EW on Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:24 pm

Again, these are subject to change. PM or post if you feel anything should be changed. Etc.

1. If there is already a topic posted on the same page as the card you're about to post a topic for, please just post in that topic instead. We don't need 50 Topics on DMoC.

2. If a card topic will not generate any discussion, do not post it. Posting a topic on a card like Sparks for instance. This topic will not generate any valid discussion. There is no point to these topics. This also includes cards like Chaos Emperor Dragon, as we cannot validly discuss the card. Because if that card ever comes off the list, Konami must be on some strong intoxicants.

3. Keep flaming down and keep it PG-13. You are able to call out stupidity when you feel it is being made, but please keep member bashing down. If the insult has an legitimate argument behind it and isn't massively personal, it will fit under the acceptable level. Personal insults arn't welcome, by personal, I mean insults regarding Race, Age etc. Calling someone stupid with a valid justification will be fine. However, someone not knowing a ruling from 2008 is not a valid justification. Instead link them to proof. With a game as popular as this, there a lot of false rumors.

4. Keep your ego in check. I don't care if you're some randy scrub or the recent YCS Champion. "My opinion is gospel" is just annoying and mostly breeds an unhealthy enviroment.

5. Spam/Stupidity isn't acceptable, either one. They're basicially the same thing.


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