Create a Card Rules

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Create a Card Rules

Post  EW on Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:39 pm

Feel free to comment if you feel anything should be changed.

1. No "Joke" or "Troll" Cards. This includes cards that are outragously busted, or do nothing. Making cards with alternate win conditions is fine, and Joke cards, ala Magic the Gathering's unhinged set is fine, as long as they are within the borders of phantasm sanity and balance. Making a card telling a player to get up and throw the card across the room, while rediculous is still doable. Telling someone to run the london marathon, however isn't.

2. Keep it civil and PG-13.

3. No Spam

4. No being stupid. Please use common sense.

I'll add more fluff to these rules later. I'm tired it's 3am yeah etc.



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