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Post  EW on Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:11 pm

These rules are subject to change. Please leave a reply if you feel anything needs to be changed or these rules are in any way oppresive.
1. Decks posted here must be subject to the Advanced Format of the Yugioh TCG/OCG. This means, you must follow the advanced format banlist, found here: If your deck doesn't follow this list, unless stated otherwise in your topic title, for instance using a fan made and or unofficial/confirmed but unreleased list, please change it or I'll have to lock.

2. No "Troll" decks. Any deck without a clear win condition, for instance running 40 draw cards without any other cards. This also includes decks intended to draw over and over again. These decks don't need to be posted, as they offer no valid constructive deck advice. These topics will be locked. This does not mean decks that run Shapesnatch and Trent. As long as it has a wincon or similar, it's legal to be posted here.

3. Include justification and reasonings. Don't tell someone that a card is bad and suggest no fix. By justifications, I do not mean "This card is ****ing bad don't play it noob." include atleast some reasonings as to why it's bad.

4. Keep it PG-13. I won't mod you for swearing, everyone does it. However, if you are going to swear, please don't aim it at anyone and don't string a large amount of them together. Every post you make in this section should pertain to deck discussion. If you want to have a spam fest, please go to another section of the forum, namely offtopic.

5.Don't be stupid. I hope to god that no one begins suggesting -2 MST +2 Mooyan curry and similar.

6. Keep spam down. Should be obvious.


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